Each year we conduct a survey of our members. 


Our survey gives us insight into what being a regional representative looks like. It also helps us discover best practices across the profession. The results below were collected from 71 members of CARR in late 2014.


Employment Classification

contract length


Sick Days Allotted

Paid Vacation Days


Experience, meetings, events, and receptions:

years in admissions


Weekly staff meetings?

Yearly Staff Retreats?


fall High school visits

Fall College Fairs


spring yield events


Miscellaneous results:

What we like most about our jobs:

  • Flexibility and independence. Feel like the university trusts me to manage my territory and my role.
  • Close relationships with counselors, reps, and families in my area. And the flexibility of scheduling and territory management.
  • I love traveling to meet counselors and new students. The time on the road visiting the schools is my favorite part. I like helping students learn about the college experience.
  • Building relationships with students and families as well as counseling colleagues.
  • Ability to work with underrepresented student populations
  • The ability to be at an event in the drop of a dime, rather than traveling all the way from campus.
  • Working with students. Long term relationships with counselors.
  • Easily meeting with students in the area.
  • I love the cycle. Once I am tired of being home, it is time to travel, and once I am tired of being on the road, it is time to be in the office.

times per year we go back to campus


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